So Much Art, So Few Walls

You go into a gallery, see art that you just love, but think, “I have no more room left to hang it on my wall.”   There are several options to remedy the problem.  First, consider displaying the art on an easel in the corner of a room.  Another option is to take down a painting, of similar size, store the painting in a safe area, and hang the art you just love, in it’s place.  After some time, you may want to hang the art you took down, and hang in another area of your home.  If you do this several times a year, or all at once, it will be like you redecorated your home, but instead of new furniture, flooring, painting, etc, you have redecorated with art.   It is just another way to buy what you love, without the expense of redecorating.

Art Gallery of the Rockies, 5039 N Academy Blvd., Colorado Springs, CO, 80918, 719 260 1873

Upper Frio by Bob Wygant

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