When Faeries Talk to Fishes by James Christensen amber stone lithograph

When Faeries Talk to Fishes by James Christensen is an original hand tinted stone lithograph on fine watercolor paper. The image size is 19″ x 22″ wide with an edition size of 200 s/n. This amber colored image is beautifully detailed and was originally created based upon a poem in the artist’s sketch book. Conservation framed with three mats, Museum Reflection Free glass (gives the appearance of no glass) and a wide bronze frame, overall size 27.5″ x 24″ high.  The top mat is a suede which picks up the outer color on the wings.  The second mat is marbelized to pick up on the back wall and the inner mat is a bronze metal mat picking up on other colors in the art.
When Faeries talk with Fishes, both express their wishes… When Fishes talk to Faeries, the conversation varies.

  • Model: FaeriesTalkFishes-amber-Christen
  • Manufacturer: Greenwich Workshop


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Weight 18 lbs
Dimensions 35 × 30 × 6 in


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