Reflections by Lee Teeter signed

Reflections by Lee Teeter is an open signed edition print image size 26″ x 19″ depicting the Vietnam Veterans Wall being visited by a former soldier of that war.  Reflected in the wall are the gentleman’s memories of his fellow soldiers who were lost in the war, and whose names are on the wall.  It is a sad image yet inspirational in that after the war and the trauma he experienced, he moved on with his life, becoming a business man, lawyer, doctor, teacher, etc. but still remembered his friends.  They would want him to move on and have a successful life… after all, that is one of the reasons for which they fought and died.  Every US soldier fights for our freedom and their sacrifice will never be forgotten.  The art will be shipped flat shrink wrapped on a conservation backing which can be used when framing the print.

  • Model:  Teeter-Reflections

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Weight 12 lbs
Dimensions 35 × 25 × 2 in


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