Mr. Lincoln Comes to Gettysburg, Nov 18, 1863 by Mort Kunstler, Signature Giclee Canvas

Mr Lincoln Comes to Gettysburg, November 18, 1863 by Mort Kunstler is a limited Signature Edition giclee canvas size 16″ x 28″ wide limited to 50 s/n canvases. Also see listing for the Classic Edition giclee canvas.
The president arrived in the town of Gettysburg, Pennsylvania to attend the dedication of the Soldiers’ National Cemetery. His appearance came just four and a half months after the Battle of Gettysburg had ravaged the town and the surrounding region. Although the nation was still caught up in the American Civil War, this opportunity to consecrate hallowed ground offered a welcome reprieve for both the weary president and local spectators. The following day, Lincoln delivered what would become one of the most moignant speeches in American history, but for now, his arrival was celebrated with a campaign-like atmosphere.


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