Crow Tipi by Judy Larson framed

Crow Tipi by Judy Larson is a limited edition giclee canvas size 16″ x 12″ limited to 300 s/n canvases.  Conservation framed with a wood fillet, linen liner and rustic wood frame, overall framed size 22 1/4″ x 18 1/4″ ready to hang on your wall.  This beautiful Appaloosa horse, decorated with a feather in its mane, shows the beauty the Native Americans bred into these beautiful animals.  The artist heard the Blackfeet Indian legend of the Crow Tipi and was enthralled with the various elements of the story and how they might come together in a painting.  In the legend, there was a brave warrior who stole horses and guns from his tribe.  The head chief of the tribe became jealous of the warrior’s success and glory and used witchcraft to bring bad luck to the man.  Three times the brave man rode out to battle and three times he returned on foot, because his horses had run away.  As the warrior lay sleeping after returning home from a raid, he dreamt that a man came to him and said, “You should not have had to walk home alone these nights.  I see you have given a share of the meat from the buffalo you killed to my children, the crows.  For your kindness I will give you two things:  the power to become a chief of your tribe and my own specially painted tipi, ‘The Crow Tipi.’  Go a little way from here and you will find horses.”  The warrior became chief of the Buffalo Dung band and the Crow Tipi remains in his tribe to this day.

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