Colorado Springs 1890 by H Wellge Framed

Colorado Springs 1890 by H. Wellge is an open edition print size 36″ x 14″ conservation framed with an ornate wood frame and linen liner, overall framed size 37.5″ x 16″ ready to hang. The image was taken from an old painting and shows Colorado Springs at the turn of the 20th century. It seems to be an aerial view with the Rocky Mountains in the distance, and we have speculated the artist saw this view from a hot air balloon.  When standing in the city of Colorado Springs, Pikes Peak can be seen but not the mountains behind the peak.  The only way to see those mountains is to be on top of Pikes Peak, be in a hot air balloon or in an airplane.
Also available is a 48″ version of the same image. Email or call 719 260 1873 to inquire.

  • Model: Wellge-1890-Colorado-Springs-CO



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Weight 10 lbs
Dimensions 43 × 22 × 4 in


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