Chased by the Devil by Howard Terpning framed

Chased by the Devil by Howard Terpning is a limited edition giclee canvas size 30″ x 37″ limited to 350 s/n canvases.  Framed with a 3″ wide wood, with inlays, frame, overall framed size 35″ x 42″ ready to hang.  This frame is no longer available.  Three Apaches race to stay ahead of a dust devil, the desert hot-weather whirlwind that picks up dust and debris, spins it around, and then dies as everything settles slowly back to the earth.  The white man speaks of thermals and explains them in dry meteorological terms, but the Apache knew better.  He knew that the devil was inside the whirlwind, and that if you were caught you would soon die.  The artist has depicted the speed and urgency of the moment in the image.  The sale will be on for only a short time, so take advantage of it.

  • Model:  Terpning-ChasedByTheDevil-Fr
  • Manufacturer:  Greenwich Workshop


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Weight 30 lbs
Dimensions 52 × 45 × 5 in


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