Black on Black by Daniel Smith – bear

Black on Black by Daniel Smith – bear, is a limited edition Masterworks giclee canvas size 40″ x 26″ high, limited to 35 s/n canvases.  Also note, there is a limited edition of 50 s/n giclee canvases, image size 22″ x 14″ for $295.00. (if interested in the smaller canvas, email or call 719 260 1873.)  The artists has depicted a black bear in great detail.  It is as though you could reach out and touch the bear, it is that realistic.  The artist has captured the softness of the fur and the bear’s strength.  A beautiful image for anyone who collects bear art.

  • Model:  Smith-D-Black on Black – bear
  • Manufacturer:  Greenwich Workshop


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Weight 10 lbs
Dimensions 39 × 29 × 3 in


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