Conservation Framing vs regular framing

So many times people have brought in art to Art Gallery of the Rockies to be appraised and because it was framed with regular mats and glass, the art had faded to the point it had no value at all.  If it had been framed with conservation mats and backing and UV light protection glass, the art would have been valued at $2,500.00.  As an appraiser and art and framing gallery owner, I am disappointed for the person.  Sometimes it is because the art was framed when the conservation materials were not as available as they are today. But there still were conservation materials, only they were just more expensive.  The lesson learned…. sometimes spending a bit more money is more economical than not…meaning, if more money had been spent on the framing for the art, it would now be worth $2,500.00… and possibly more, depending on the art market.  And even today,  people don’t want to spend the extra money for conservation materials, but when a mother brings in a painting done by her 5 year old, I explain to her that when that child is grown and she looks at the art, does she want to see it faded, or does she want it to look as new as when it was first created?  And to help with the extra cost, Art Gallery of the Rockies offers layaway without fees or interest.

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