A Framing Story

Once upon a time there was a handsome print, which was to be joined with a beautiful mat.  Together, they would be framed in an elegant wood and be very happy… But in time, the mat began to change and the print became yellow and lost its brightness.  All the people noticed the change.  What was wrong?

The most famous museum curator was brought in for consultation.  His diagnosis… the handsome print was not doing well.  The mat was not a conservation mat and was slowly causing the print to change.  The print would never be as it was.  The damage could not be reversed… but it could be halted.

How could all this unhappiness have been prevented?

The handsome print should have been surrounded by museum quality mats and UV light protection glass and backed with archival materials.  The mat would have remained bright in color and everyone would have enjoyed the beauty of the print.

The moral of the story… bring your handsome print to Art Gallery of the Rockies for museum conservation framing so all can live happily ever after.

One thought on “A Framing Story

  1. Sorry for the delay on replying to your comment. If you have ever framed a print or photo, did you take it to a frame shop that specializes in conservation framing or frame it yourself from a ready made frame? Ready made frames are not conservation quality and the glass does not have UV light protection glass… so over time, the art print will fade and the photo may gradually have acid burn from the backing and the mats. The blog was meant to be a fun story to explain what happens to an art print if it is not framed with museum conservation quality framing. Hope this helps.

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